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Commercial DirecTV from Cyberonic

Through the Cyberonic relationship with DirecTV, commercial programming is available for private offices (such as the waiting room, conference room or cafeteria), lodging and institutions (hotels, Bed & Breakfast, Inns and Spas), bars, restaurants and small businesses (such as a gym or law office).

Benefits of DirecTV from Cyberonic:

DRE Plus – DirecTV Residential Experience Plus DVR service and management capabilities. This refers to a dedicated receiver in each room. It is done with HD receivers and a SWM or D2 Advantage technology installations. A home run cabling configuration from SWM switch is required for the receivers.

Prices will vary based on number of rooms per property. A complete proposal will be provided once you return a "DRE site survey" to us. DirecTV offers financing on this over 5 or 7 years. The financing amount is a monthly amount added to the DirecTV bill in addition to the programming amount. There is a $9.00 per month per room minimum programming requirement to qualify for financing. If the customer pays for it or uses other financing the minimum is $6.00 per room per month.

Analog Head End Option – Provides standard Definition only. Loop wiring or home runs.

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