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Cyberonic Wireless WiFi and Surveillance Systems For Educational Institutions

Cyberonic Wireless WiFi and Surveillance Systems For Educational Institutions
If you are looking for an affordable and easy to deploy WiFi and surveillance camera system that can provide coverage for very large campuses with the ability to cover even the smallest corners of every classroom or auditorium, then Cyberonic has your solution.

The adoption of the wireless 802.11n WiFi technology is growing at an extremely fast pace for educational institutions throughout the world due to the high adaptation of WiFi embedded devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops among students, professors, teachers, visitors and employees.

Activities such as video downloads from Netflix, Hulu, DirecTV and online gaming with game consoles such as Xbox360 and the PlayStation 3 demand high usage, thus the demand for providing a wireless hotspot everywhere and anywhere on campus is eminent.

A Cyberonic WiFi Network installation, repair or upgrade can provide full coverage for areas such as Student Housing, Auditoriums, Classrooms, and other common spaces on campus with a robust affordable, easy to deploy and flexible wireless solution. Our product also supports multi-media applications and provides a secured connection for all users on the network.

In addition, Cyberonic provides both wirelessand wired state-of-the-art security camera systemsthat provide 24/7 surveillance information to the campus police and state and federal agencies in the event of any illegal incident, theft or crime. Such video is often the best deterrent when it comes to preventing crimes on campus and your best defense in the event of a law suit.

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