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Cyberonic WiFi Network for Hospitals, Urgent Care and Senior Homes

Health Care
The need for a vibrant WiFi 802.11n network for medical facilities throughout North America is being fueled by the exponential growth of WiFi embedded consumers wireless devices which are currently making their way into the professional healthcare industry. Hence, the adoption of a resilient WiFi network is of utmost importance.

A secured Wireless internet infrastructure has become a necessity for care givers, patients, visitors and retirees who reside, work or visit healthcare facilities.

A Cyberonic WiFi Network provides doctors and nurses working in the healthcare industry the ability to work on wireless devices such as laptops and iPads without being tied down to a specific location; thereby providing them the ability to attend to their patient's needs more efficiently. In addition, visitors to the hospital and senior homes residents can also experience the convenience of using their wireless devices on the WiFi network without being tied down to cumbersome wired networks.

The ability for caregivers to be mobile and support their multiple wireless devices is a trend that is driving the need for greater bandwidth and throughput. With the implementation and deployment of the WiFi 802.11n network, doctors, nurses, visitors and residents of senior homes will readily experience high-speed secured connectivity.

Cyberonic Video Suveillance for Healthcare Industry

A Cyberonic video surveillance network for healthcare facilities including nursing homes and senior living facilities can serve as a deterrent not only to theft and fraudulent slip and fall incidents, but also to the abuse of the elderly who dwell in these facilities.

As long as the facility has a WiFi network in place, the network can be scaled to accommodate as many wireless cameras needed to provide 100% coverage to hallways and common areas. With the Cyberonic WiFi Network manager, management and law enforcement will be able to view recorded video footage of past and current events.

If your facility requires a WiFi upgrade, repair or a new installation, please contact us at 888-760-6664 or just complete this FORM.

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