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WiFi and Video Surveillance for Hotels, Resorts, Inns & Spas

Wifi and video Surveillance Cyberonic WiFi Network Installation, upgrades and repairs for hotels, inns, resorts, bed and breakfast, and spas has become increasingly popular due to the rapid influx of wireless devices such as smartphones, tablets, video game consoles and other wireless devices being used by guest visiting these establishments.

In fact, studies show that the average hotel room now has up to five wireless devices that will require use on the wireless network. To combat the skyrocketing amount of the wireless devices, some hotels are limiting the quantity of wireless devices per room. With hotels taking this position, the real question becomes, 'Is this good for customer satisfaction and retention?'

Cyberonic WiFi Network provides your establishment the latest state-of-the-art access points with the WiFi 802.11n technology, which is required to accommodate more devices surfing at up to 350 Mbps compared to older access points using the 802.11a, b, g which only gives you a maximum throughput of up to 50 Mbps. The need for more unlimited access and speed on the network is critical to build loyalty and retention. Our solution can easily help you meet this demand by creating a wireless network that will leave your guest satisfied and loyal.

Cyberonic WiFi Network Scalability to the New WiFi 802.11ac Technology

Cyberonic provides a full scalable WiFi network that can easily be upgraded to the new WiFi 802.11ac technology when it is ready for market. This newer technology will be much faster with a throughput of 1 Gigabyte. This technology will not only be great for the high demand of wireless devices on the hospitality WiFi network, but can also be easily upgraded to add on a wireless video surveillance network. The Cyberonic video surveillance provides a deterrent to fraud, (bogus slip and fall accidents), trespassing and theft.

If you are in the market for a WiFi, video surveillance or DirecTV installation, repair or upgrade, please let us know by filling in this FORM, or simply call us at 888-760-6664.

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