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WiFi and Video Surveillance for Yacht Clubs and Marinas

Wifi for Clubs and Marina
Just about every Mariner today carries a laptop, tablet, PDA, smartphone or some kind of wireless device just to stay in touch with friends and family. Even when they are sitting at the dock of the marina and watching the sail boats go by, there is good chance they are using their wireless device. With the deployment of a wireless hotspot on site, your boat owners will view you as offering the latest in convenience and amenities, thus commanding higher dockage fees and more demand for slips and moorings. Your boaters will also begin spending more time at the marina and extending their stay which translates into more revenue.

Since most marinas have easy access and little security, the deployment of a Cyberonic wireless video security system can provide well needed security for boat owners and the marina. A video surveillance system is often a strong deterrent to theft and trespassing and a huge benefit in the event of any illegal activity, property damage or theft.

Cyberonic's affordable wireless 802.11n network can be upgraded to include a video surveillance system that works in tandem and plugs right into the WiFi network. We plan, test and deploy the entire system for you. Most importantly, the network will be scalable enough to easily add on the latest in WiFi technology; the 802.11ac. The advantage; more speed, more distance and accommodation of more users on a single access point.

Cyberonic Manages the Marina and Yacht Network

By using the Cyberonic WiFi Network and video surveillance camera services, you will be given access to the WiFi manager which monitors the network 24/7, manages users and guest, manages time and bandwidth session limits, and provides you real-time network status and performance. Plus the manager also provides WiFi billing management and the ability to view surveillance footage with text message insertion on screen. The Manager also enables you to send tech support request to the Cyberonic tech support center.

Let us show you the latest in both WiFi and state-of-the-art video surveillance technology for your marina. Simply call us today at (888) 508-3389 or fill in this FORM for a free quote or evaluation.

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