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Launching a Splash Page for a Wireless Network

The unlimited wireless network provides a splash page for users to log into the WiFi network. So, whether your business is a hotel, condominium or flea market, your account requires a splash page for user(s) authentication and the acceptance of the terms of use agreement for access to the wireless hotspot.

A splash page, sometimes referred to as a squeeze page, has three basic components:

Splash Pages

The Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA) was enacted in 1994, and requires telephone and internet service providers to have interception capabilities for the purposes of "wiretap" or obtaining information.

It is important when providing wireless Internet to work with an ISP that is it CALEA Compliant and is able to provide authorized officials with the information they may need in the event that it is required. Cyberonic provides all users a secured transmission by using the latest in encryption technology. Cyberonic is CALEA compliant because we provide your business the tool (Cyberonic WiFi Network Manager) to set up secured user profiles. The WiFi manager tracks by mac address or user's profile from login tokens. The fine for non-compliance can be as much as $10,000 per incident to the federal government.

A splash page can provide a business several benefits including the following:

A splash page will provide your users the ability to authenticate their login token, provide them information about the guest facility including the surrounding neighborhood and term of usage of the network.

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