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Unlimited Wireless and Video Surveillance for Sports Stadium

Unlimited Wireless and Video Surveillance for Sports Stadium The sheer number of people seeking information on their wireless devices like smartphones and iPads has become enormous due to the increase in the popularity of wireless technology. We live in a 24/7 connected world and want to instantly connect with friends, family and information no matter where we are. At sporting events in particular, current research studies show that more guest at sporting events are using their wireless devices more than ever before to research scores and to see how other teams are doing.

Cyberonic can meet this demand and deliver the latest in WiFi technology at a very affordable cost. Our solution provides a reliable signal utilizing a dual antenna system on the WiFi 802.11n technology which results in excellent connectivity with less interference, low packet loss and very high performance. Providing a wireless hotspot for any public venue handling over 3,000 plus attendees requires this type of advanced WiFi Network. The consistent speed and scalability enables mobility throughout the coverage area in any sporting arena.

We understand the importance of providing safe and enjoyable events for your guest. Unfortunately sporting events often have rival fans that may become unruly. A surveillance video camera system has become a necessity in today's environment as a way to record events taking place among fans during a disagreement for legal evidence as well protecting your business against law suits.

Cyberonic can provide a WiFi and surveillance video network that is affordable, scalable and easy to deploy. We offer some of the most sophisticated and user-friendly video surveillance systems available. Our Indoor and outdoor Security Cameras are perfect for security applications in any business or public building.

Please call us today to learn how our cutting edge WiFi and Surveillance technology can help meet the wireless and security needs of your business.

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