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Cyberonic Text-to-Video Surveillance System

A Cyberonic video surveillance network can and will provide a complete security system for any business where there is a cash theft or fraud at the cash register or POS system. When you run businesses like retail stores, bars, restaurants and grocery stores where cash registers or computer-based POS systems are used, video surveillance alone may not be an adequate tool to discover theft or fraud. POS and cash register devices can introduce another facet of theft and fraud that can be impossible to detect just from video footage.

Here are a few examples of theft in a POS/cash register network environment:Cyberonice text to video

It does not take a brilliant store clerk to figure out some of the above tactics to cash-in at the end of the night when the bar or retail store closes. All the store clerk or bartender needs is motivation and greed.

Text-to-Video Illustration for Bars, Restaurants and Retail Stores

The way to identify this sort of theft or fraud is by the Cyberonic Text Insertion which enables programmable written script to drive the text transaction from the POS/cash register to appear on the video surveillance camera watching the location. The transaction taking place on the POS machine will then be displayed on the video footage. You can then watch the entire transaction footage from the Cyberonic WiFi Network Manager; a tool that will be provided for you to monitor both your WiFi and surveillance camera network.

text animation wifi

If you are a retail store, bar, restaurant or grocery store looking to minimize or eliminate this sort of theft, please consider the Cyberonic Text Insertion Technology by completing this FORM.

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