Fixed Wireless Internet Options for Emergency Responders

When a crisis hits, mobile response units help bring medical care and other services to the most vulnerable people in affected areas. To provide adequate care, these units need strong internet connections that can support the critical online applications […]

Wireless Internet for Frontline Healthcare Workers

Right now, frontline healthcare workers are working tirelessly to provide medical care during the coronavirus crisis. To provide adequate care, these workers need uninterrupted access to the critical online applications that help them manage their patients and cases. Help […]

5 Tips for Working from Home in a Rural Area

Being your own manager is not always easy. Whether you’re working from home permanently or just for the time being, remote work comes with its own set of rewards and challenges. Here are a few tips for maximizing the […]

4G LTE Download Speeds Stay Steady During Coronavirus

4G LTE networks are experiencing record levels of traffic as people turn to mobile internet to stay connected in quarantine. Last month, for example, online gaming traffic on Verizon’s 4G LTE network more than doubled. During that same period, […]

How to Get the Best Signal Gain from a Dual Yagi Directional Antenna

If you want to increase the speed of your fixed mobile broadband, a dual Yagi antenna setup is your best bet.

These powerful setups, which include one antenna dedicated to downloads and one dedicated to uploads, are 10 times more […]

How Much Can a Directional Antenna Boost My Speeds?

If you want to improve the speed of your fixed mobile broadband connection, a directional (or “Yagi”) antenna is usually your best option. A directional antenna only amplifies the radio waves between your setup and the nearest tower, which […]

How Fast Does My Internet Connection Need to Be for Video Streaming?

To stream video in standard definition, you need a download speed of at least 2 Mbps. To stream in high definition, you need at least 4 Mbps. With an average download speed of more than 20 Mbps, a fixed […]

Does Better WiFi Signal Strength Always Mean Better Speeds?

Sometimes the signal bars on our phones seem almost random. One day, we’re sitting alone in a city bus station, streaming video on three bars of service without a problem. The next day, we’re at home, struggling to upload […]

How to Lower Your Ping for Better Online Gaming

Sometimes it isn’t slow internet speeds that make your game lag, it’s your connection’s high latency (or “ping”). If you play online games on a fixed 4G LTE connection, it’s extra important to take measures to lower your ping […]

How Do Devices Share Bandwidth on a Fixed Mobile Broadband Connection?

A fixed mobile broadband connection lets you access 4G LTE through a wireless router, so that you can use as many devices as you’d like on a single data plan. With fixed mobile broadband, you can connect any devices […]